Jubileave it out!

Some North Koreans react to the news that Princess Diana was murdered.


The jubilee media hysteria is being cranked up this week, the final push to persuade everyone that the past ’60 glorious years’ of Elizabeth Windsor’s reign as queen is deserving of universal praise and gratitude. Since the dark post-Diana days the royal ‘advisers’ (that shadowy cabal of faceless pimps) have left nothing to chance and the Windsor Roadshow was been cleverly orchestrated with relentless ‘mad parades’ over the past decade.

The ‘William For King’ hype is being pushed now thanks to obeyant media lickspittles like The Guardian running polls and reporting on their tenuous findings. The reason the industrial/monarchist complex don’t want Charlie sat on the throne is simple; compared the rest of the in-bred morons, Chuck’s something of an intellectual. OK, his half-baked theories on everything from architecture to genetically modified crops don’t amount to a hill of GM beans but in the monarchy business, views on ANYTHING are dangerous.

Opinions get in the way of business and continuity must be preserved at all costs, hence the phoney military ‘careers’ and tin medals for Charlie, Andy, Billy and Harry. Link the monarchy to the armed forces, the state religion, the state law, the elected parliament and pretty soon this supposedly benevolent institution begins to look more like a puppet show. We know Liz and the gang are too gormless and lethargic to be capable of this level of sophistry and spin, so who is?

William’s succession is assured because he can be portrayed as a ‘modern royal’ and he is as compliant as a ten bob rent boy. What other options in life does he really have? So, get him hitched to a Stepford hologram, get him a ‘job’ with great PR opportunities, tell him to keep his head down and keep smiling because when nan’s gone to that great big supermarket opening in the sky, the job’s yours kid!

Such views on ‘our magnificent royals’ are almost heretical these days, so it was no surprise to see a report on Sunday’s BBC Breakfast about a small village in County Durham ‘where something extraordinary is happening.’  This ‘something’  was a local royal theme cafe who had barred three customers who’d refused to stand to attention when the owners played God Save The Queen. The reporter went to this predictably tacky cafe where the waitresses wore Alan Partridge style cardboard masks of Her Madge and served tea in a red, white and blue, Union Jacked up hellhole that even Nick Griffin would consider OTT.

There she interviewed some of the monarchist cranks who’d flocked from far and wide, as far as Consett, to show their support for these heroic patriots. Funnily enough there was no attempt to discover the identities of the people who were bullied into leaving or interviewing them about their reaction to being thrown out of a public dining area for exercising their basic human right to sit at a table and drink tea. Such humiliation seemed entirely justified in this report and the whole tone was enthusiastic and supportive of the owners as this is the message being pushed by the BBC and other broadcasters.

There’s no room for ‘killjoys’ and ‘republicans’ in today’s TV just endless puff pieces about extremist cranks, royal warrants, barges sailing from Windermere to the Thames, street parties, guest lists and on and on and on and on and on and on. Funny how in North Korea, such slavish devotion to the leader of state is mocked as hysterical, oriental, communist mind control and evil propaganda whereas here it’s just good, knockabout fun.



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