Trading Places – The Daily Mail, race and class.

Type in the words ‘middle class’ into the Daily Heil’s on-line search engine and it’ll give you a staggering 38,608 results found. Now call me a typically bone idle, prole but I only went through a few pages and what a depressing experience it was. What the Mail feeds on is the irrational belief that its ‘middle class’ core readership are somehow being singled out and ripped off by illegal immigrants, benefit scroungers, sneering liberal metrosexuals, work-shy trade unionists and anyone else who doesn’t conform to their narrow, selective concept of national identity and ‘British’ values.

Here are some the links to various articles that the search threw up….

Middle class children have ‘better genes’ says former schools chief…and we just have to accept it.

It’s not just chavs  who cheat at benefits! Those looking to milk the system ARE NOT JUST THE SINGLE MOTHERS OF FIVE IN COUNCIL HOUSES EXPECTING THE STATE TO PICK UP THE BILL FOR THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE LIFESTYLES, even the middle classes are looking to claim benefits to which they have little entitlement.

BBC axed My Family for being too middle class says show’s star, Zoe Wanamaker.

Nanny state targets middle class drinkers with £10m campaign.

Middle class students punished by yhr great grant and fees squeeze.

Thousands of middle class students WILL lose out in university equlaity drive warns UCAS chief

Middle class youngsters barred from applying for internships at Whitehall and the police because they are white.

Middle class ‘foodies’ who forage for exotic mushrooms ‘could threaten our woodlands’

Why did middle class security guard turn into an islamic extremist who won’t be seen on TV with his mother if she’s not wearing a veil?

Want work experience at the Foreign Office? Not if you’re a middle class, white male!

‘There’s nothing wrong with being white and middle class’ Michael McIntyre hits back at his comedy critics.

Who does Homeland security think poses the greatest risk? Video portrays white middle class as the most likely terrorists.

On and on it goes, page after page of this whining drivel.  Yes, we all know the Mail’s an easy target and exists to stir up the  impotent rage of its suburban readership. These people, its beloved ‘white middle class’ (lower and middle-middle class ofcourse, not the Telegrpah and Times reading upper-middle) are the ones who cling most desperately to the 80s Tory tradition of Thatcherism yet want it both ways. They claim to represent the ‘hard working, law abiding, tax payers’ but also worship at the feet of lazy, idiotic aristocrats, corporate tax dodgers and  dumb celebrities.

They are truly terrified of being cast into the same economic pit as the plebs which feeds into this hysterical demonisation of the ‘other.’ This fear is exploited by the real money men (the publishers and owners)  who ratchet up the divide and rule rhetoric in a twisted attempt to cast this ‘silent majority’ as the ones who are being victimised and discriminated against.  Despite every branch of the establishment being populated and governed by middle class white people, THEY are the ones who are powerless and voiceless.

The Mail, Express, Telegraph, Times, Spectator, FT, Sun, Economist spew this cynical tide of bile day after day and then they the balls to moan about ‘far right yobboes’ and ‘racist killers.’ The Mail even tried to gain kudos for its ‘Murderers’ headline in the wake of the first Stephen Lawrence trial, as if their relentless anti-black reporting of the past 40 odd years hadn’t help to create a climate of distrust, fear and hate amongst those ‘white working class’ areas where black faces were viewed with hostility and suspicion. No, they don’t take any responsibility for those ‘working class’ types who might actually act on the twisted views spewed out by Littlejohn and his ilk of foaming-at-the-mouth hate preachers.

Type ‘black males’ or ‘black youth’ into the Mail’s search engine and reports such as this maybe contribute to such prejudices.

Black and male are bywords for failure says equality chief  – black maleness has become the definition of failure in society the lead of government race watchdog will claim today.

Black youths from broken homes ‘who turn to street crime’ – black teenagers commit high levels of street crime and carry guns because they come from broken homes and have little faith in the police it has been claimed.

More than half of young black men able to work in Britain are unemployed government reveals.

Don’t blame Oxford – the real racists are the hand-wringing liberals who expect black pupils to fail.

Perhaps the most telling of all these selectively headlined reports was this one however,

Black minority children watch 50% more TV per day than white children (and almost 90% have sets in their bedroom) study finds.

Researchers at Northwestern University (who?) CLAIM that minority youth astonishingly spend more than half their day consuming media content, a rate that’s four and a half hours greater than their white counterparts.

LINK :–study-finds.html

This report was an American study but is used to apply to all black children and the message it sends out is pretty clear; blacks are inherently lazy and feckless, preferring to wallow in their pits watching telly or the internet than studying hard like white kids to improve their lot in life. That’s the reason black kids are poor and why they turn to crime but don’t blame the economic system that enslaved their forebears and forced them into a cycle of deprivation. No, it’s the hand-wringing liberals with their ‘equality’ agenda who are really to blame.

In ‘Trading Places’ Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd are used as pawns in a one dollar bet between two old money Wall Street stock brokers. The basis of the bet as that Ackroyd, with all his wealth, education, contacts and ‘breeding’ will succeed in life whatever’s thrown at him whereas Murphy is doomed to failure because (in the words of one of the rich, white patriarchs) ‘he’s a negro!’

As a parable on capitalism and social mobility, luck and intellect, prejudice and opportunity it has some fine moments but never once does it question the basic tenets of capitalism that creates the divide betwen the Ivy League tennis club types and the street beggars who share the same New York streets.

The lesson is simple; work hard enough and accept the system and you will succeed; it’s the lie that has sustained The American Dream for three hundred years and it’s the same lie spouted by the Mail and the right, these lucky beneficiaries of generations of wealth, mostly stolen or brutally exploited from the sweat of the enslaved and the poor, being handed down to them.

No wonder they’re scared, imagine who’d they’d cope if there really was a meritocracy and they couldn’t buy themselves and their kids a head-start in life.


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