Good Evans?



More BBC balance and impartiality on display this morning on Radio 4. In an interview with the solicitor representing residents of a London block of flats seeking a court order to stop the MOD placing missiles on the roof of their building, Evans demonstrated that typical stock BBC response to the rights of ‘little people.’

His general tone was one of contempt and scorn for these residents and his line of questioning was contemptuous throughout. The MOD with great fanfare, announced these supposed Olympic ‘anti-terror’ procedures months ago yet Davies never once questioned the so-called military expert ‘and former infrantryman’ (ooh get you soldier boy) guest about proof of any plot to hijack a plane during the Olympics  and if this wasn’t just yet another piece of hysterical political posturing’  by the ‘keep em scared’ brigade.

No, Evans was far more interested in whether the residents had any right to complain seeing as the council owned the flats and could therefore do what it wanted with its own building. When the solicitor made his point about residents not being consulted and the infringement upon their daily lives, having armed police and soldiers in the building as well as living and sleeping in a building that housed heavy weaponry, Evans became almost angry ‘are you saying these people can’t go about their lives just because there are surface to air missiles on their roof?’ or words to that effect. Er, yes! How you would you like to kip in your fancy metrosexual mews house with a fucking exocet in the loft Evo?

Evans then asked soldier boy if shooting down a plane over London was in any way better than allowing it to reach its target? The ‘former infrantryman’ explained that ofcourse this would be a catastrophe but better killing Hackney scumbags than members of the political elite eh? No, he didn’t say this outright but that’s the general idea.

Evans then returned to the solicitor, ‘surely you can’t be questioning the MOD’s strategy?’ he asked as if such a thing was unthinkable. Amazingly he replied that he wasn’t yet asked why the missiles couldn’t be housed in another building. ‘Ah so it’s OK for other people to have these missiles?’ Evans went into sneery NIMBY mode. The solicitor replied that he meant army engineers could surely construct their own tower or maybe the MOD could house their SAMs in say an empty building rather than one housing hundreds of families, adding maybe they could be re-housed.

At this Evans exploded. “re-housed for 2 weeks?” the very thought it of it. Why couldn’t they just get on with it,  after all what’s a few weeks living with the fear of explosion and certain death when our brave athletes are taking on the cream of the world’s drugs cheats in a few weeks time? Have some Blitz spirit you moaning minnies! The solicitor explained that it wasn’t only 2 weeks but that they’d be there for 3 months and Evans seemed cowed for a split second ‘ah so longer than 2 weeks then.’

I don’t know whether we should expect any better from this over-rated ‘business’ reporter, the type of ‘diverse’ employee the BBC can parade as a token example of their inclusivity. Gay or not, Evans displays exactly the same kind of prejudice most BBC reporters of any racial, regional or sexual background display against the working class and the undercurrent of this report was evident. Many of these residents will be ‘blacks’ and they should be lucky to have a flat in what’s fast becoming one of the hottest gentrification areas in the capital. The olympics has done wonders for their shithole of a community and many of Evans’s mates in the BBC have even settled there which is why there are far more vegan delis in the area these days.

Then, it was back to Andy Murray, the REAL news with more regurgitated press headlines about Braveheart, Princess Teardrop, Posh & Becks and ‘our’ new national hero masquerading as ‘news’.




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